Life Time Planning

Your assets are secured – no worries!

You’ve had the foresight to determine the best way to protect your assets during your life for your loved ones after you’ve gone. Nothing more to it then, is there?

If you’ve protected your home and savings from being depleted by having to cover care in old age, that’s a good first step. But what about inheritance tax? Do you know what taxes your inheritors will have to pay when your estate is distributed?
How can you stay in control – of your property, your investments and savings and, if you have one, your business?

Make the right decisions

With the correct planning, you can achieve the balance between control and protection for your property, financial assets and business.

At Executor Help Plus we can help you determine what the real issues and risks are, help you past the uncertainty and tailor the best solution for your future.

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An empathetic service. Paul was able to translate difficult concepts and offer effective solutions that we understood. To us, his service represented an investment and not a cost.
Mr & Mrs David G, Client